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About us:

Dance-Planet studio has been instituted in 2006, and mainly focus his activity in Haifa and Hadera. 
The studio employs a colorful and professional Coaches: Coaches that earn the Israeli “Championship” cup over than one year, and has won the honor to represent Israel in world Cups Championships.
Coaches with over 25 years of experience that grew young champions during dance studio.
Dance-Planet is proud to invite all of you from age of 4 to 120, to join our family warm and crystallized.


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Why Dance-Planet?

Dance-planet believes in dancing as a way of life
Living the life of beloved fields with emphasis on professionalism and perseverance.
Desire for infinite progress with the combination of pleasure and family warn atmosphere.
Studio attribute great importance to each student individually and realizing the potential skills of each dancer.
In Dance-Planet we believe that every dancer got a talent, the result will show up by enriching the skills.
Each dancer has his own personality the he expresses though dance.
Dance-Planet will help you develop many skills such as:
Coordination, flexibility, agility, musical, physical fitness, self-confidence, and self-discipline.
And all this even without mentioning the accompanying health benefits of this dance classes.

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